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To empower individuals & families to improve their lives through quality programs & services.

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What it Takes to Change a Life

True Recovery: The First Step (Blog 1) Authors: Dr. Joseph White & the FFL Team What does it...

Becoming Accountable

My friend has this saying, “See it, own it, solve it.” At the time I heard him say this, I was struggling with my work partner. There were…

More Than a Dealer

I once asked a methamphetamine distributor what his life was like. I was expecting a Hollywood answer. Something like…

Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is the process of recording thoughts, feelings, and experiences of gratitude. These can be…

Coping in Difficult Times

Recently, I was talking to a friend and she told me, “It’s just really difficult to have hope for the future.” I wanted to disagree but… I couldn’t.

Learning to Listen with Love

Learning to listen with love can be challenging at first, but just remember that as you express love, you…

How 3 Cigarettes Changed My Life

I had been in jail for five months. I was about to be released and was very stressed out that I had nowhere to go.

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Programs & Services

FamilyLife Center

Local Community Center

The Family Life Center provides support for families seeking to develop a peaceful home environment through healthy interactions and activities. Our evidence-based practices focus on faith, service, and spirituality. We serve all families and individuals in the community who want to learn how to strengthen family relationships.

FamilyLife Center

Substance Abuse Treatment

Redwood Recovery is a TAM referring agency and JRI certified program that provides top of the line therapy for individuals struggling with addiction. Our unique Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) model is second to none! Our services include individual and group therapy, assessments, and psycho-education.

MentorWorks Logo

Healthy Transition Homes

Our state-licensed, sober-living, voucher-approved residences assist recently released inmates who struggle with substance abuse by providing housing, food, clothing, mentors, and structure to facilitate community re-entry and healthy sobriety. No other sober-living in Utah provides a wider range of services!

Learn • Share • Connect • Inspire

The Family Life Conference is an annual all-day event that brings together the best of research, practice, and spirituality regarding family life to provide education, hope, and resilience for working through life’s challenges. Applications for presentations, projects, and papers for the 2022 conference are open.  Email: info@fflut.org. Public invited!

Registrants gain access to our conference archive—over 20 hours of content!

Why Fathers Count:
The Importance of Fathers and Their Involvement with Children

Why Fathers Count: The Importance of Fathers and Their Involvement with Children is an anthology (27 articles) dealing with the most important work men ever do: being totally involved in the lives of their children and families. It is men’s strengths, their capacity to care and protect and give, that are needed by children, women, and men themselves. In a culture that questions the value of men in family life, we need a compelling perspective on what men can contribute to their families and communities and insight on the ways in which fathers and father figures make a meaningful difference. Why Fathers Count offers that insight, giving a fresh and powerful perspective on the meaningful contributions of fathers and father figures to the lives of their children and families.