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Why Should I Become a Family Life Coach?

Family Life Coaching is one of the most powerful preventative measures to help safeguard families against the destructive forces in our world today. As a Family Life Coach, you will be empowered to help others build and maintain the important relationships in their lives, develop and achieve personal goals, work through challenges that often occur in various family dynamics, and truly make a difference in your community and hopefully, throughout the world. Certified coaches can help individuals, couples, parents, grandparents, and other family members on their journey towards a more meaningful and abundant life.

In this 6-month course, we provide the tools to help you become a successful Family Life Coach both professionally and within your own family!  You will learn powerful family life principle and successful coaching techniques as you collaborate with other students and experienced Family Life Coaches. Whether you decide to start your own Family Life Coaching business with these tools, or simply want to improve your relationships and help others along the way, this course will truly change your life.

Our Family Life Coaching courses run all year round. Choose the starting date that fits best with your schedule & be sure to check out our special discount rates!

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The 5 Pillars of Family Life Coaching