Intern Highlight: Jen’s Journey

My name is Jen and I am an intern for MentorWorks. I chose to work with this organization for my internship because I wanted to work with an organization that was helping to make a difference in the community. MentorWorks, under the umbrella of Foundation For Family Life, is making a difference by offering a sober living experience along with many other supports to help this population get themselves on track for a better life experience. On a daily basis I hear about the love and support that the group shares for each other.

During my experience here I have been able to both interact with those interested in the program to gain entry but also to support those attending recovery and treatment groups. I have also witnessed significant empathy and support between the clients as they struggle to change their life course. A recent experience involved a client struggling to share something difficult with his recovery group. The entire group sat quietly and respectfully while he gathered his thoughts and shared his story. Although the path to sobriety is long and seemingly never ending, I’ve witnessed important support and encouragement between peers in the program that really makes a difference for those serious about their recovery.

As I complete my internship I am grateful to have seen many examples of this type of support between staff and clients and the overall impact of this program – not only for the participants but also for the community. It is through these experiences that I have learned to be more accepting of others, to avoid judgement, and to reach out with a more Christ like attitude.


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