Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a Family Life Coach?

You can become a certified Family Life Coach in only 6 months with our online live course! This includes learning the material and content, and then a family life coaching practicum.

How is Family Life Coaching different from therapy?

Therapists typically delve into clients’ past experiences (including trauma) to understand and identify current feelings and behaviors. 

Family Life Coaches focus on clients’ forward movement through challenges, especially related to family and/or relational issues. They help clients understand difficult situations, provide tools and resources to overcome, and offer support throughout the process. Family Life Coaches are not trained to discuss traumatic experiences with clients and will always refer these clients to trained therapists or counselors.

Are there prerequisites to becoming a Family Life Coach?

Anyone can become a Family Life Coach! You don’t need a degree or a private studio. All that is required is a desire to learn and grow, and a desire to help others improve their lives and the quality of their relationships.

What system do we use for the course?

Canvas and Zoom are the two main programs you will need to complete the course.