Family Life Conference 2023

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

Introducing our Wonderful Presenters

Join us for these life-changing sessions!
Diane Passey
"Supporting ADHD & Anxious Teens and their Families"
Bio & Description
Lauren from Lingering Light
"Faith, Hope, and Jesus: Resilient Families”
Bio & Description
Ardice from Ardice & Co
“Flourishing Seed of Hope”
Bio & Description
Sharon Slater
"Protecting our Children by Claiming our Parental Rights"
Bio & Description
Parker & Stephanie Syphus
"Covenant Keeping When a Spouse Experiences Mental Illness"
Bio & Description
David C. Dollahite, PhD
"Successfully Making and Keeping the Covenant of Eternal Marriage"
Bio & Description
Jeff Hill
Sex, Money, and Couple Relationships: Many Ways to Make Love.
Bio & Description
Nathan Leohardt
"Flourishing in the Face of Suffering: Tips for Lasting Families"
Bio & Description
Katrina & Ryan Seamons
"AI & Parenting"
Bio & Description
Mindy Brown, PhD
“Building Strong Families Begins at Birth”
Bio & Description
Samuel Major & Brianna Holmes
“But We Heeded Them Not”
Bios & Description
Emily Adams
“Exploring Growth Through Grief”
Bio & Description
Suzanne Mann
“The Sanctity of PreBorn Human Life”
Bio & Description
Rhonda Seamons, PhD
“Mastering Resilience: Powerful Pathways to Thrive"
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