Family Life Conference 2023

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

David C. Dollahite, PhD


David C. Dollahite, PhD, is a Camilla Eyring Kimball Professor of Family Life at Brigham Young University where he teaches and conducts research on links between faith and family life. He received a M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from BYU (1985) and a Ph.D. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota (1988). He is Co-Director of the American Families of Faith project at BYU. He has more than 200 publications for scholarly and public audiences. He has written or edited nine books on family life and religion and including: Home-Centered Gospel Learning and Living, Strengths in Diverse Families of Faith, Religion and Families, Successful Marriages and Families, Helping and Healing Our Families, Strengthening Our Families, Generative Fathering, and God’s Tender Mercies.

He and his wife, Mary, have seven children and four grandchildren. He was raised in the Episcopal Church and converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 19.

“Successfully Making & Keeping the Covenant of Eternal Marriage”

If a society were designed to discourage successful courtships and strong marriage it would look disturbingly like contemporary Western culture. A once supportive broader culture of courtship and marriage has collapsed. Yet if a group of youth were prepared to apply true principles and practices despite great opposition it would resemble the rising generation of LDS youth. However, many LDS young adults are feeling adrift and anxious. To be the most helpful to our youth we must understand the culture and challenges they face in establishing strong courtships and marriages and teach them clearly and powerfully true principles. This session will address the challenges contemporary youth and young adults face in successfully making and keeping the covenant of eternal marriage and provide specific suggestions to assist in this holy endeavor.