Family Life Conference 2023

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

Emily Adams


Raised in a large family with a psychologist father, Emily's life has been a study in nurturing relationships. Through her diverse experiences living in 3 states and 4 countries, she's learned that no matter our background, at our core, we all crave connection.

Her perspective on life's essentials shifted dramatically when she faced the heart-wrenching loss of one of her identical twin boys, who was stillborn. In her healing journey, she found purpose in her pain and channeled her grief through contribution of meaningful content to help other families dealing with grief.

Emily is the author or "Is There No Other Way" and "Loss for Littles: A Guide for Christian Families Dealing with Death." She is deeply grateful for the supportive community she's encountered on this path, and is committed to making a positive impact in her sphere of influence.

“Exploring Growth Through Grief”

Loss and grief touch every family at some point. It's how we handle these difficult moments that shapes our relationships and growth. Emily will guide us on this journey, equipping us with invaluable tools for healing and hope.