Build Resilience. Cherish Relationships. Defend the Family.

Join us for a value-packed day of building relationships and strengthening families!
Fri, October 13, 2023 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM (MDT)

11968 S Redwood Rd, Riverton, UT 84065, USA

Build a Sense of Unity in Defending the Family
Engage in discussions and workshops that empower you to stand up for your beliefs and create a united front supporting strong families.
Connect with Others Who Share Your Values
Network with individuals passionate about the well-being of families, fostering a community of support and collaboration.
Discover Research Findings that Support our Beliefs
Stay up-to-date with the latest research and evidence that reinforces the importance of traditional family values.
Learn and laugh together
Enjoy engaging presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and moments of laughter as we navigate the challenges and joys of family life.

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

This year's theme is focused on strengthening and sustaining close family relationships throughout the life course.

We believe we can BUILD RESILIENCE in our families. With the correct tools, families can thrive despite their challenges. Marital relationships have crucial impacts on families and need to be understood, cherished, and nurtured, even through dissolution, when necessary. Through this conference we seek to better understand and provide strategies to enable lasting relationships - the ultimate and eternal destiny for each family.

Most people want to CHERISH healthy, lasting family RELATIONSHIPS but some may lose sight of that goal for a variety of reasons - residual family of origin trauma, current family challenges, dysfunctional portrayals of family in media, or other personal trials. The Foundation of Family Life values family relationships and focuses on strategies that strengthen family ties through various settings (academic, professional, clinical, etc.). Implementing mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical strategies can nourish our families throughout a lifetime.

Joseph Fielding Smith, a prophet from The Church of Jesus Christ, said, “The family is the most important organization in time or in eternity. Our purpose in life is to create for ourselves eternal family units” (1972).

Additionally, as proponents of the family, we aim to help individuals support, uphold, and DEFEND the FAMILY in their communities (including families of different shapes and sizes). We strive to empower families to become active citizens involved with their communities and legislatures. We encourage individuals to promote the power of families and be a force for good in their area.

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” —Anthony Brandt