Family Life Conference 2023

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

Katrina & Ryan Seamons


Katrina Seamons, the brilliant mind behind @deliberatefamily, is a family behaviorism expert dedicated to helping LDS moms thrive in their roles. With a background in early childhood and special education, she'll share how to feel confident in your purpose and stay connected through deliberate faith, time, and conversations.

Ryan Seamons, the COO of Latitude, an AI-gaming company, brings his AI industry leadership to the table. With a decade of experience in tech, including companies like LinkedIn and Degreed, Ryan will enlighten us on AI's role in parenting and fostering tech-savvy kids.

"AI and Parenting"

Together, Katrina & Ryan will guide us on navigating the digital landscape, teaching digital literacy, and using AI tools for educational purposes. Get ready for an insightful discussion on balancing tech and family life to prepare the next generation for the AI-driven future.