Our Vision

Foundation for Family Life Framework


Successful individuals & families experiencing relationship harmony & growth through life’s joys & challenges.


To empower individuals & families to improve their lives through quality programs & services.


  1. Family: We honor parents & believe families have an eternal impact on individual development & progress
  2. Relationships: We believe we have a stewardship in promoting love, joy, hope, & harmony in our relationships
  3. Individual: We believe each soul has worth, agency, & the ability to find purpose
  4. Education: We believe education enhances meaning, problem solving, relationship development, & prosperity
  5. Service: We believe there is a healing power & growth that comes through serving others
  6. Spirituality: We believe spirituality undergirds healthy families, self-worth, & individual purpose.


To help families & individuals learn, practice, & commit to healthy communication, effective parenting, enriched relationship skills, & lasting recovery.


  1. Promote Family Life Center services for the community
  2. Host engaging Family Life Conferences for academics, professionals, practitioners, & community members
  3. Maintain MentorWorks Healthy Transition Home services for those transitioning from incarceration
  4. Provide exceptional addiction recovery treatment through Redwood Recovery
  5. Promote principles of spirituality, self-reliance, self-worth, & healthy relationships through all FFL activities.