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“Deepening awareness & increase skills related to working in a variety of contexts that support & strengthen individuals & families. Presented from a social science & spirituality-based perspective.”

Join us for our 2023 Family Life Conference

Our theme this year is The Family: Our Eternal Destiny. We're excited for some incredible speakers to integrate their experience and expertise into a powerful conference focused on building resilience, cherishing relationships, and defending the family!

Previous Conferences

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What’s Included in the Previous Conference Recordings?

You gain instant access to over 25 hours of family life presentations, with incredible speakers including Tim Rarick (PhD), Wendy Wixom – United Families International, David Dollahite (PhD), Natasha Dansie (PhD), and Wally Goddard (PhD).

Topics Include:

  • Societal Trends Perpetuating Family Breakdown
  • Advocating for the Family
  • How Spiritual Experiences Strengthen Family Relationships during Adversity
  • Compassionate Connection
  • Spirituality & Addiction: Helping Families in Recovery
  • So Much More!

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