How 3 Cigarettes Changed My Life

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The following story was shared with us by one of our MentorWorks / RedwoodRecovery clients. We hope that it will inspire you to seek healing and recovery, even if it comes in unexpected ways.

I had been in jail for five months. I was about to be released and was very stressed out that I had nowhere to go. I had no money and I was leaving the jail with only the clothes on my back.

When I was being released from jail, they gave me my property and I had a box of cigarettes with three cigarettes left. I did not know at the time that this would lead me to where I would stay.

The First Cigarette

I walked out of the front doors of the jail and there was a man who asked me for a cigarette. I gave him one and in return he said he would buy me a soda from Maverick. We walked there, he bought me the soda, and he gave me all of the change for the cigarette.

 I was still short $2 for the bus fare, but I still stood waiting at the bus stop.

The Second Cigarette

Another man came by and asked me for a cigarette. I gave him one and he gave me all the change in his pocket in return. This gave me enough money to get on the bus.

I took the bus down to AP&P (Adult Probation & Parole) and talked to my PO (parole officer). I told them I had nowhere to go, but I had heard of a place (recovery program) called MentorWorks. So we called the director, hoping that he could meet with me that very day, because I had nowhere to go that day.

He said yes, he could meet me at 4 o’clock. It was already 1:30.

The Third Cigarette

So I decided to take the bus down there. I met another guy on my way to the bus and he asked for a cigarette. He gave me a dollar. It was enough to buy a chicken sandwich from the dollar menu. So, I took the bus, got there by 4 and luckily was accepted into the program.

So, God blessed me with exactly the amount of cigarettes and three gentlemen to ask for them. I didn’t even have to ask them, they asked me. God sent me those men, I know it. It was just enough to get me a sandwich and get me to MentorWorks; it all fell into place, and all my prayers about finding a place to stay and a way to get there were answered in the most unorthodox and unexpected way but it was a miracle and a great blessing all the same.