Family Life Conference 2023

The Family: Our Eternal Destiny

Sharon Slater


Sharon Slater is a prominent figure in the world of family and human sexuality policy. She currently serves as the President of Family Watch International, a respected nonprofit organization with consultative status at the United Nations' Economic and Social Council. Sharon's influence extends globally as she also chairs the UN Family Rights Caucus, where she plays a pivotal role in advocating for family and human rights issues. Notably, she serves as a consultant to various UN Member States, including African and OIC countries, providing expert guidance on human sexuality and family policy matters.

Sharon's impactful work is not limited to her leadership roles; she is also a prolific author and accomplished speaker. Her acclaimed book, "Stand for the Family: A Call to Responsible Citizens Everywhere," has empowered pro-family and pro-life advocates worldwide to defend marriage, family, and life in public policies. As a renowned speaker, she has presented at international government events and World Congress of Family conferences, sharing her expertise and insights on these critical topics. Additionally, Sharon is a documentary director, responsible for several influential films. Her dedication to family values extends to her founding and chairing of the "Families for Orphans" project, advocating for international and domestic adoption. Sharon and her husband Greg are the parents of seven children, including three adopted siblings from Mozambique orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They also cherish their five grandchildren.

“Protecting our Children by Claiming our Parental Rights"

Discover how to empower parents and ensure the safety and well-being of our children by understanding and asserting our parental rights. Learn valuable insights and strategies to create a secure environment for your family.