Treatment Resources

Mentor Support

MentorWorks, as its name implies, has mentors available to encourage, assist, and guide clients along the way on their path to recovery. Our mentors have a wide variety of experiences, talents, and skills that they can use to assist clients with their transition from financial assistance, healthy diet and exercise, and more!

Housing and Clothing

MentorWorks healthy transition homes (commonly called sober-living homes) are designed to help men leaving incarceration to transition successfully back to the community while working through their substance abuse related issues. Living in our homes provides a safe roof over clients’ heads as they work to get their life back on track. MW also offers a clothing closet for temporary assistance as well as provides vouchers to purchase clothing.

Structure & Accountability

MentorWorks has a strong structure and accountability system that gives clients a clear understanding of expectations, and requirements. This gives our clients comfort in the process and helps them to stay on track with their important life goals.

Food Pantry Available

MentorWorks clients have access to a fully stocked food pantry 24/7 – you will never go hungry living in our home!

Drug Tests

One of MentorWorks most valuable accountability measures are its drug tests. Clients test 2-3 times weekly in order to help them stay on track and keep them accountable to themselves.

Case Management

MentorWorks Case Managers work as client’s ambassador, liaison, program progression guide, and resource center to help each client be heard, understand their progress and next steps, and get connected to important needs in their recovery journey.

Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS)

MentorWorks’ Peer Support team is specially equipped to help those struggling with substance abuse addiction as they have worked through their own journey of recovery.  As such, they are uniquely qualified to help clients work through their fears and needs and to be a listening and empathetic ear.

Employment Guidance

MentorWorks offers employment guidance through its Case Managers, Staff, Mentors, and its partnership with a local staffing agency to give clients a leg-up on their transition to community living.

Access & Transportation to Substance Abuse Treatment

MentorWorks, through its partnership with Redwood Recovery, offers access to a JRI certified, substance abuse outpatient treatment program. MW clients are also transported to Redwood Recovery for treatment, if enrolled.

Utah Transit Authority Passes Provided

MentorWorks clients can qualify to receive passes for UTA via, buses, and trax to help them to get to work, treatment, and important appointments and events.